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We are All Antarctica is a story about my father George W. Gibbs, Jr’s adventures as the first person of African descent to set foot on the continent of Antarctica. He sailed on the famous ship the USS Bear in 1939 to 1941 on Admiral Byrd’s III expedition to the South Pole. It was the first joint venture with the US military and private exploration. Gibbs went on to serve humanity in countless ways, paving the way for not only people of color in the community of Rochester, MN but for all people to become more human, serve their community and appreciate differences.

Through compassion, tenacity, faith and countless hours in the trenches, Gibbs’ life is a model for community service, equality and fun. As the lowest rank on the ship, he was honored for his contribution at a time when people with dark skin were considered less than human.

This story integrates my experiences with natural healing, the arts, the science of the ice, the metaphysics of the South Pole and the history of the expedition and its mystery.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Doubt is a weapon in the PR industry!

Thanks again to Richard Branson's blog Antarctica log 2 "No lie is forever".  He posted Climate Realitiy Project's Doubt video to emphasize that the information about global warming is being treated, in the media, like the truth about the addiction of nicotine.  My colleagues at Deep Democracy Institute do an amazing job of  addressing the polarization around global issues, such as climate change.  Their first Open Forum on Climate Change will take place in Portland, OR on June 2. Stakeholders of different opinions will gather for an interactive process to seek out and hear all the voices around climate change.  The beginning questions for this forum are:

Is facing Climate Change as urgent as some suggest - And what if anything needs to be done about it?

What are you thoughts and feelings? Feel free to comment!

Also, check out Barefoot Leaders Camp for youth!!


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